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All-In-One Kitchen Machine

Replace the clutter in your kitchen with Mycook Professional, the all-in-one kitchen appliance capable of performing 15 various kitchen processes; MyCook is the helping hand you always wanted.

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Used by Australian Chefs

Reliable, professional all in one kitchen machine that has proven to be efficient in the hospitality industry for 10 years. With a high-performance set-up, it is powerful enough for an intensive professional kitchen.

Partner for life

Delivering time saving cooking solutions with advanced induction technology and specialised cooking accessories. The ultimate all-in-one kitchen appliance.

15 Functions For

Limitless Possibilities

  • Slow Cooking

    Tenderness and flavour that you simply won’t get with high temperature cooking.

  • Sauté

    Preserve texture, moisture and flavour.

  • Grinding

    Grind down spices and grains to produce a granulated powder, paste or batter.

  • Beating

    Beat eggs, cream or batter thoroughly and evenly and without mess.

  • Blending

    Blend with ease for a textured blend or blend a bit longer for a silky-smooth finish.

  • Chopping

    Chop herbs and vegetables to a fine or coarse consistency.

  • Cutting

    Cut fruits and vegetables with ease.

  • Emulsifying

    Emulsify even the toughest of liquids and ingredients in seconds.

  • Kneading

    Knead dough in less time and with less effort.

  • Mincing

    Finely mince and evenly distribute seasonings and spices.

  • Mixing

    Make perfect cake mixes, batters and delicious spreads with ease.

  • Pulverising

    Pulverise ingredients for extra smooth powders, purees or to crush ice.

  • Shredding

    Shred raw vegetables & leafy greens to add colour, flavour & crunch to your recipes.

  • Whipping

    Use the butterfly attachment to whip cream and whisk meringue in no time.

The must-have tool for busy families

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Enhanced Security Features

Mycook Professional uses a stainless steel and aluminium triple-wall jar, specially designed for induction heating. The cover has an orifice to insert ingredients progressively, while the sleek design and security features also ensures safe easy cleaning.

Intuitive Control Panel

Mycook includes a very intuitive display for an easy, fluid and secure use. Stainless steel cover for a long lasting life. Ergonomically designed backwards tilted for easy viewing.

Professional Engine

Equipped with a powerful 800W engine, the Mycook Professional was developed for regular, intensive use.