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How to choose the right appliance for your kitchen?

How to choose the right appliance for your kitchen?


It hasn’t taken long for all-in-one kitchen appliances to infiltrate our homes making cooking easier and faster. But with so many on the market which appliance is right for you and your family?

The most commonly known kitchen aid product Thermomix, first hit the Australian market in 2001. With all the buzz and excitement of an all-in-one cooking appliance, Australian chefs had to get their hands on one and therefore made Thermomix the leading cooking appliance. Competitors slowly started to enter the market, however, due to hefty price tags, families and casual cooks were discouraged and for a long time there was no cheaper alternative. Now, we are spoilt for choice and more all-in-one cooking appliances are available at affordable prices, with MyCook Professional leading the charge. 

MyCook Professional is manufactured by the well-known Catalan company Taurus, which has 52 years of experience in the creation and design of small and large household appliances. With functions, amenities and durability outweighing other competitive appliances, Mycook’s primary goal is to improve and enhance your diet and lifestyle. Ultimately, spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family and friends.  Mycook Professional is your cooking partner for life. 


With so many brands offering similar functions, what is the real difference between MyCook and other all-in-one kitchen appliances?

All-in-one kitchen appliances are true multi-taskers that can chop, whip, beat, grind, juice, blend, stir, heat, steam and more. With some variation in functions, the real difference between these products comes down to the cooking process, accessibility and most importantly safety.

Heating and Safety

The cooking method is one of the biggest differences between MyCook and its competitors. Some other all-in-one kitchen appliances cook in a traditional way using resistances, whereas MyCook has superior induction heating. Induction heating is the latest and fastest method of cooking, with temperatures ranging from 40º to 120º in seconds. With enhanced security features, like the stainless-steel aluminium triple-wall jar, safety closure lid and double lock, MyCook ensures safety for all users.

Cooking features

All-in-one kitchen appliances are in high demand among busy families due to the fact that they eliminate multiple cooking appliances in one simple cooking machine. However, it is MyCook’s functions, amenities and durability that outweighs other products in the market. MyCook has been developed to sustain the demands of commercial cooking, having been tried and tested in commercial kitchens for over 10 years. You can be reassured it is made with quality materials that will sustain the wear and tear of your cooking.
Where some other all-in-one appliances struggles with cooking small amounts, caramelization and slow cooking, MyCook can slow cook, chop, blend, cut, beat, emulsify, pulverise, shred, whip, sauté, grind, beat, knead, steam, mince and mix.


Some specific all-in-one kitchen appliances don’t have a quick process when it comes to purchasing. You may have to organise a vendor to come to your house and demonstrate the product before placing an order and some just aren’t available to buy directly from a store or online. With MyCook, you can! As a trusted brand and industry recognised appliance, online purchasing is not only fast but also convenient- so you can get back to the more important things in life.


Compare the top all-in-one kitchen appliances to ensure you make the right decision for you cooking requirements. 


MyCook Thermomix Kitchen Aid Cook Processor Tefal Cuisine Companion Magimix Cook Expert


$1,850.00 $2,089.00 $2,099.00 $1,699.00 $2,099.00 

Induction Heating

Yes No No No Yes


1800W-1000W induction & a 800W motor 500W rated power 450W 1550W 1700W
Functions  Beating, blending, chopping, cutting, emulsifying, kneading, mincing, mixing, milling, pulverising, shredding and whipping  Milling, emulsifying, whipping, steaming, mixing, stirring, blending, chopping, kneading and weighing Stir, chop, mix, mince, shred, knead, whip, emulsify  Chop, mix, blend, knead, emulsify, beat, stir, steam Mix, chop, grate, slice, steam, emulsify, beat, blend, whip, chop and bake 
Slow Cooking Yes No No Yes No
Sauté Yes No No No No


Double lock lid with a safety micro switch in the handle, lid ad jug lip interlock for added safety. It also has a automatic shutoff when overheated and overloaded. Automatic lid lock, spatula safety shield, beeping at end of timer, motor protection. Automatic shutoff when overheated or overloaded Automatic shutoff when overloaded Not specific
Manufacture  Spain Germany China France France
Path To Purchase Kitchen Maestro Online Store In-home demonstrations  Online, In-store Online, In-store Online, In-store


Whether you’re a casual cook or a commercial chef, MyCook Professional has proven to be an invaluable asset in all kitchens around the world.

Discover the unique recipes you can achieve with MyCook Professional?

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